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Make your building’s windows sparkle and shine!

No one wants to keep looking out of windows that are covered in tree sap, bird droppings, dust, and hard water stains. But for the majority of commercial buildings in the West Palm Beach, Florida area, this is what their windows look like. Instead of settling for this reality, make your windows sparkle and shine again with help from us at H2O Squad.

Commercial Window Cleaning in West Palm Beach, Florida

We’re an exterior cleaning company in West Palm Beach that offers both soft washing and pressure washing. Turn to us for commercial window cleaning, and we will soft wash your windows to get incredible results. We prefer soft washing windows because it’s a gentle method that won’t damage your sills, the glass, or the area surrounding your windows. And the best part is that it gets incredible results!

Our method for commercial window cleaning doesn’t just take off the surface layer of dirt and grime covering your windows. Instead, it fully removes all the contaminants sitting on top of your window glass, making your windows look like new again. And while we’re at it, we can also clean your building’s roof, siding, and other surfaces to make your windows truly look their best.

We’re excited to show you what kind of results we can get for your building when you hire us for commercial window cleaning. Contact us today for more information about this service or to get an estimate.