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We offer a beneficial alternative to normal pressure washing.

When you think of cleaning your home’s surfaces, you probably think of pressure washing. This process uses high pressure (usually about 1,500+ PSI), and it involves applying this pressure inches from the surface being cleaned. Although pressure washing is useful in certain cases, it only blasts away the surface of the stain, leaving the root of the bacteria and buildup to grow back and to grow back faster. Pressure washing does not sanitize the surface, resulting in the need for more frequent cleanings.

Pressure Washing in West Palm Beach, Florida

If you want to improve your home and its appearance, we usually recommend soft washing over normal pressure washing. At H2O Squad, we proudly provide soft washing services here in the West Palm Beach, Florida area, and we use the latest methods for cleaning asphalt/shingle roofs and other surfaces. This cleaning method involves using low-pressure water in addition to a specially formulated cleaning solution that eliminates algae, stains, dirt, moss, and other contaminants at their source.

One of the reasons we highly recommend soft washing over pressure washing is because it is a gentle, non-damaging approach to exterior cleaning. This makes it a great option for delicate exterior surfaces, such as your roof, your siding, or your stucco.

We’re your exterior cleaning experts, and we’re excited to show you how good your home can look when you turn to us for soft washing or pressure washing services. To learn more about these services or to schedule your next appointment, get in touch with us today.

Pressure Washing in Palm Beach County, FL