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If you’re looking for a safe, effective solution for your dirty solar panels, we’re the team to call.

Florida is called The Sunshine State for good reason—we enjoy an amazing average of 230 sunny days per year! All that sun means that many people are making a logical investment in solar energy by installing solar panels on their roofs. However, while the roof is the ideal place for panels to soak up the sun’s energy, it also means that the panels are exposed to all kinds of grime, which can lower their efficacy. That’s where our team comes in.

Solar Panel Cleaning in Palm Beach County, Florida

At H2O Squad, we offer many different exterior cleaning services to help property owners keep their home or business exteriors clean and well-kept. One such offering is solar panel cleaning, which will help ensure your panels are operating at maximum efficiency for as long as possible. Soft washing, our chosen method for solar panel cleaning, is a highly effective alternative to more traditional techniques like pressure washing.

Soft washing uses the power of specially formulated detergents to clean away exterior grime, leaving behind a sparkling clean surface. We use equipment that sprays water at no more than 60 pounds per square inch (PSI), so it’s far gentler than pressure washing, which can use pressure anywhere from 1,500 to 3,000 PSI. This gentle pressure is safe to use on delicate solar panels, and you can rest assured that our service won’t damage them while we work to get them clean. Our detergents are powerful enough to easily cut through grime like mold, algae, and bird droppings, all of which can plague solar panels and seriously impact their production.

If you’re looking for a safe, effective solution for your dirty solar panels, we’re the team to call. We offer solar panel cleaning services to customers in and around the Palm Beach County, Florida area, so reach out today to get started on your personalized quote.

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