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If your fence is looking grimy, we’ve got the safe, effective solution you need.

Having a fence around your property is an excellent way to add some extra security or enhance the aesthetic of your landscaping, but it’s not a feature that you can simply install and forget about. Despite their design to withstand daily environmental abuses, fences still require regular cleaning to maintain their aesthetic appeal and prevent unnecessary wear and tear. If you’re in the Palm Beach County, Florida area, our team at H2O Squad can assist you with your efforts to keep your fencing looking its best with our professional fence cleaning services.

Fence Cleaning in Palm Beach County, Florida

It’s easy to think that pressure washing is your only option when it comes to fence cleaning, and years ago, it was, but that’s no longer the case. We use the soft wash method, which is safe for virtually any exterior surface but without the potentially damaging effects of pressure washing. Soft washing uses the strength of specially formulated cleaning detergents to cut through grime such as mold, algae, dirt, and bird droppings, emulsifying it and making it easy to rinse away with a gentle stream of water. As an additional bonus, the results of soft washing last far longer than those of pressure washing since we also sanitize the surface, slowing the regrowth of harmful microorganisms.

Our methods are effective on all types of fencing, including vinyl, metal, brick, and wood. If you’re interested in learning more about why soft washing is the best option for your fence cleaning needs or about any of the other numerous exterior cleaning services we can provide, contact our office today.

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