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Stubborn stains and insect residue on your deck are no match for our softwashing technique.

Decks are a great place to relax after a long day or to sit and enjoy the sun when the weather is nice. However, your relaxation time can come to a halt when you realize how dirty your deck is. Dirt, mildew, insect residue, and stubborn stains can all turn your deck into more of an eyesore than an asset to your home. Plus, excess filth and outdoor contaminants can actually affect your health if you breathe them in.

Deck Cleaning in Palm Beach County, Florida

If your deck is filthy, don’t worry. Our deck cleaning service will help your deck look the best it can look by washing away even the most stubborn of stains and residue. The secret to a more effective deck cleaning job is softwashing. The softwashing method was designed to target outdoor contaminants with a powerful cleaning solution. However, this cleaning solution won’t damage your deck like pressure washing does. This solution is powerful enough on its own to not have to rely on intense pressure to blast away filth, making it the perfect cleaning option for protecting your outdoor surfaces.

Here at H2O Squad, we utilize the softwashing method for most of our services here in Palm Beach County, Florida. We are proud to offer a wide range of outdoor cleaning services, including deck cleaning. We want your exterior surfaces to look the best they can possibly look, so we are equipped with the right combination of experience and specialized tools to effectively wash away the outdoor contaminants on your property. Give us a call today if you’re tired of filth and stains on your home’s deck.

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